Calling all Developers, Designers, Technologists and assorted Geeks. If you want to get your teeth into a really juicy project then read on:

CultureCode Initiative is an opportunity for you to collaborate and innovate with a new group of potential future clients and partners. We want to affect the availability of open data from artists and cultural organisations and give you the opportunity to prototype various websites, applications and widgets which may well become the paid projects of the future. 

You will have access to brand new data that has never been used before and free reign to create awesome products. CultureCode Initiative is about liberating those locked data sets in the arts; that liberation and openness will help to seed collaborative innovation. If you want to explore these opportunities and show how highly skilled developers and designers can create incredible results for artists and arts organisations then the CultureCode Initiative is a project you need to be a part of.

The CultureCode Encounter has now finished, you can read more about what happened, watch video's of the presentations and listen to interviews with the presenters on the media page 

The next stage is The CultureCode Salon. In the spirit of a hack, this event has no agenda just a mixed group of people from the arts and developer sectors and some money behind the bar for beer. This is an opportunity for you to have an informal chat with the attendees from the arts and cultural sector about their data and to start to form some ideas (and maybe even some relationships) that will start the process of collaboration and innovation. This event will be held in both Middlesbrough and Newcastle so make sure you pick the one closest to you.  

On the 24th March the serious action begins. The CultureCode Hack will take place at The Tyneside Cinema from 12 midday. This is different to anything that has taken place in the North East before. You will have access to data you haven’t had access to previously, you will be surrounded by other incredibly talented developers and designers and you will have the chance of winning some truly awesome prizes.

We want to show the world the amazing talent that exists in this region whilst helping you develop new contacts and a potential new client base. We want to affect the way cultural organisations view their data and expose them to the possibilities collaborating and innovating with developers and designers can bring.

These events are free of charge and packed full of opportunities to learn, meet, inspire, be inspired and generally show off your superhuman geek wizardry.

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