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Digital Zoo will be at White Rose, Leeds from 29 August until 7th September 


CultureCode and Furtherfield Gallery are to challenge the concept that digital art is only accessible in galleries or online by touring an exhibition in shopping centres across England, following investment from Arts Council England's Strategic touring fund.

About the 'Digital Zoo' tour

'The Internet revolution enabled an international network of critical artists to explore their contemporary artistic practice on their own terms, and with others. However, we have always believed that the physical world plays a crucial role in the creation and experience of art, not only in galleries, but with different kinds of people in a range of public spaces, as a way of exploring new and imaginative forms of emancipation.' Garrett and Catlow - Furtherfield Co-Directors

Why are we touring digital art to shopping centres?

People expect to find art in galleries and digital media online or (more recently) via their mobile devices. By exhibiting in shopping centres we are taking digital art to the public rather than expecting the public to come to a place set aside for art.

This touring programme sets out to develop sustainable partnerships for exhibiting digital arts. We aim to showcase within a commercial sector environment (particularly retail) the benefits of working closely with and supporting arts organisations and of being bold in selecting the work featured.

In this way we aim to increase engagement, across the UK, with digital arts, providing a unique way for people to connect with and explore the changes in culture wrought by mass adoption of networked technologies and social media.

Peter Heslip, Director for Visual Arts, Arts Council England, said: 'This is a really exciting project that will bring digital arts to new audiences in unusual and highly accessible spaces. Furtherfield will use this as a platform to establish a sustainable touring network, ensuring that those living in places with limited arts provision continue to have access to great arts and culture over an extended period of time.'

Joeli Brearley, Director of CultureCode, said: 'There is a lot of talk in the arts about increasing audiences. By placing digital art in shopping centres around the UK, we are positioning it right in the middle of an unfamiliar, diverse and substantial audience. Based on footfall figures collated by the 6 chosen shopping centres from the same periods in previous years, the potential audience for this tour is over 1 million shoppers; a very exciting opportunity for the partners and the exhibiting artists. This exhibition has been carefully curated to be attractive to a broad range of people, whilst offering opportunities to participate and retaining a critical edge. The programme will cultivate future opportunities and partnerships between the retail sector and the arts.' 

About Furtherfield 

Furtherfield is a non profit organisation for art, technology and social change. We believe that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies. Furtherfield Gallery has established an international reputation as London's first dedicated gallery for networked and media art, hosting regular exhibitions and public events since 2004. Furtherfield is supported by Arts Council England and Haringey Council.

Furtherfield is supported by Haringey Council and Arts Council England through the National Portfolio funding programme.